About Us


Founded in 2016 by İBRAHİM Boztaş . Luxury Estate in  Alanya district of Antalya in Turkey to make your stay pleasant and happy moments are operational. Has made a successful progress for 1 year and aims to succeed with it after that.
Luxury Estate has started to work with the leading construction companies of Alanya with 'YOUR COMFORTABLE OUR SUCCESSFUL' principle. It forms the portfolio with the best quality and safe construction companies of Alanya.
As a Luxury Estate family, we are at the forefront of our quality and confidence principles. We want our valued customers to join us with our professional team and to be a part of the Luxury Estate family.
If you join Luxury Estate, you can use our free services below.
* Tapu and other official documents follow
* Shopping and organization for home (furniture - white goods etc.)
* Transfer and cleaning organization
* Car rental and technical service
* Maintenance and repair for the protection of real estate value
* Opening bank accounts and applying for bank loans
And we have a lot more services like this.
Our young and dynamic team is always ready to serve you.