1. Legal basis:
According to the Law No. 6302, which was enacted on May 18, 2012, with the Article 35 of the Land Registry Law No. 2644, the condition of equality of foreign real persons acquired in real estate in our country has been removed.
In our country, real estate and limited real rights which citizens of the country that it was possible acquisition of Turkey Embassies / Consulates and information can be obtained from the Land Registry and Cadastre General Directorate.
Real persons of foreign nationality can obtain all kinds of immovables (Housing, Workplace, Land, Field) from the Ministry of Quality in our country, provided that their legal limitations are observed.
Real persons of foreign nationality are obliged to submit the project to be developed in the uninhabited immovable (Land, Field) they purchase to the approval of the relevant Ministry within two years.
2. The shape of the contractor:
According to the legislation in force in Turkey, will be signed in the Directorate of Deed transfer and registration of immovable property is possible with the official certificate.
It is possible to sign a "sales promise agreement" before the notary public. However, it is not possible to acquire immovable property through a "sales promise agreement" or an external sale contract signed before a notary public.
3. Legal restrictions on immovable acquisition of foreigners:
a) In the country as a whole, a foreign national may acquire a maximum of 30 hectares of immovable property and be entitled to a limited right.
b) It is not possible to lease foreigners unless they obtain immovable property and permission in military prohibited territories and security zones.
c) Real persons of foreign nationality shall not be immovable and limited rights equal to 10% of the county face count of private property subject matter.
d) Legal restrictions shall not be imposed in the real estate pledge in favor of commercial companies having legal personality established in accordance with their own legislation in real countries and foreign countries.
e) acquired in contradiction with the provisions of the Law; determined by the relevant ministries and administrations that are used contrary to the purpose of acquisition; they are purchasing on condition that the project is not applied to the relevant Ministry within the period or the projects are not realized within the period; the immovables are subject to liquidation provisions.4. Application and follow-up method:
It is necessary that the buyer should be from the citizens of the country that is '' Immovable and Restricted in the same Country in our country '' and carry out the Terms of Acquisition.
The immovable property or its authorized representative must make a preliminary application to the Land Registry Directorate.
(Preliminary applications are usually done before the lunch break, taking the order number from the Land Registry Office.)
If there is a lack of preliminary application conditions and if it can be completed, the preliminary application file is kept waiting.
Online application:
Citizens of the Republic of Turkey, (the ​​was) or recorder of deeds ( can take the sequence number of the appointment system.

Required documents:
a) The title deed of the immovable or the village / neighborhood, island, parcel, building, independent section information,
b) Identification certificate or passport (with translation if necessary),
c) From the relevant municipality, the receipt of the "Real Estate Fair Value Certificate"
d) Compulsory earthquake insurance policies for buildings (housing, workplace ... etc)
e) 1 photograph of the seller, 2 photographs of the buyer (within the last 6 months, 6x4 size).
f) sworn interpreter if there is a party who does not speak Turkish,
g) Original or certified copy of the proxy, together with translation, if dealing with the power of attorney issued abroad.
Characteristics of proxy statements arranged abroad:
- or Consulate of the Republic of Turkey Amb held power of attorney.
- In the case of the notary public of foreign countries including the photograph of the concerned country, the certificates of employment and the certificates of the applicants shall be approved in accordance with the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 and the certificate of the country shall be accompanied by the language of the country and the letter "Apostille (Convention de La Haye du Octobre 1961) In addition, Turkish translations of the Turkish consulate in that place are not required.
- In addition, the signature and seal of this office shall be approved by the Turkish Consulate in that place, by the authority to which the signature of the notary public in which the signature of the notary public is issued, including the photograph of the notary of foreign countries not party to the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961,
Financial direction of transaction: