Rent your property


Rented Guarantee System Communication between Property Owner and Tenant; professional legal, real estate consultancy, technical infrastructure and financial units. Kira Guarantee System is not a financial institution but works with fund management logic. Non-profit tenants are selected and provided with technical, human and administrative follow-up and solutions.
Your tenant is lying on the day, you will not be a victim
Without being bound by the payment of your tenancy, your account is transferred by the rented system on the promised date.
You will not deal with finding, tracking and evicting tenants
A detailed RISK ANALYSIS is done and your DIRECT HOUSER is located on our side. Since your tenancy will solve financial issues with us, you will not have to follow it, you will not be a victim. If it is a matter of law, the law service will do it, and you will not. The new tenant will be placed in our fastest evacuation stage, you will not have to deal with finding a tenant and you will not lose time and money.
Your property is protected from damage
When your property is delivered, it is recorded in visual and written form and your private page is transferred. On the tenant's eviction, you will be handed over to these evidence or the depositary is made available.
You can make payment options and options with us
You can settle with us without paying your property owner and without losing your relationships, to pay your debt on days after the committed date.
You can resolve all your transactions without the need for a proprietor
You can find out the lease, the preparation of the required documents, the basis of the meter and necessary insurance information, the payment schedule and the requests that may be over time.